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Ovens and Murray District Swimming Ass. can supply semi-automatic timing equipment and qualified officials for swimming carnivals. Many schools and districts take advantage of this opportunity each year, ensuring a smoother faster meet.

In both NSW and Victoria, school carnivals must have a qualified starter and referee. Although not a prerequisite, two referees are desirable, one for each side of the pool deck.


SAT (Semi Automatic Timing Equipment)
Officials travel if outside Albury/Wodonga
35 cents per kilometre

Booking Form (pdf)
Booking Form (doc)

  • Referees
  • SAT operator
  • Starters
  • Chief Timekeeper
  • Computer Operator/Compiler


Pool equipment required:
Lane ropes (Anti Wave)
Backstroke Flags
False start ropes
Timekeepers chairs and Shade/shelter
Chairs and shade for starter
Seating and shade/shelter for marshalling area
Stopwatches (can be obtained from the district)
Clip boards
Table and PA system for announcer
Pencils for timekeepers, announcer, marshal's, recorders,
Recorders area Shade/shelter
Starting gun if not using SAT.
Backup starting equipment if using SAT.
Backup equipment that may be required Stopwatches, Clipboards, timekeeper:
slips, Referees infraction slips, printer, and paper for printer.
Back up whistle for starter

Officials Required
SAT operator (if equipment is hired)
Marshalls - it is a good idea if the person doing this job has some idea about competition swimming. This job can determine how well (or how badly) the carnival is run.
Chief Timekeeper
Check list for schools conducting a swim meet.
Below is a list of some of the things that you should consider when planning a swim
meet. It should be used as an aid and not considered complete. There may well be
specific factors at your pool that need consideration.

Pool Safety:
1. What depth is the pool at either end? Deep Shallow
2. Are there any hazards? Broken tiles, frayed lane ropes, slippery
3. Is the water quality satisfactory? If not can anything be done?
4. Who is responsible for providing the pool attendants/first aid?
5. How can we keep spectators from crowding the edge of the pool?
6. What are our legal obligations in using the pool?
1. Are the starting blocks/ grips satisfactory?
2. Are the ropes in good order? Can we make them safer for the
3. Are the false start ropes and backstroke flags okay? Include poles and
4. How can we provide shade for officials and competitors while waiting
for competition?
5. How can we keep the concrete at the start cool for competitor’s feet?
6. Where can we locate the recorders/ SAT operators to best advantage?
Consider the position of the sun when making your selection.
7. Do we have the required number of officials?
8. Do we have a satisfactory PA
9. Will I have everything ready one hour before meet commencement?

Some things to consider:
1. Have a detailed program / list of events
2. Consider how will the results be notified (Is someone required to tally points for awards; and how will this be done – by computer or manually)
3. Drinks (water) for officials, especially when it’s hot and they can be in the sun for up to 6 hours. Also lunch is usually to be provided if they are expected to be there all day.
4 . Regarding pool safety items, are there OH&S forms to fill out?
5 . Adequate supervision is needed for students who are waiting to compete, or just hanging around.
6 . If using student timekeepers are extra students available for relief. (Some get bored and need a break).


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